The Braai Bake Challenge

The Braai Challenge: Episode 11

This week on the Taste Master SA the contestants take their bakes out of the kitchen and into fire in a Braai Bake Challenge.

Baking on the fire has been happening since the dawn of civilisation. This week our Taste Master contestants won’t have access to ovens, only fridges and other kitchen gadgets, but if it’s heat they need – it’s coming from a fire.

Fritz and Zola are joined by guest judges, Kirsten Howell and Busi Sibindi, who teach the contestants how to tame the flames before their big challenge.

With Charné  sitting this one out as her win in the Surprise Cake Challenge sent her straight to the Top 3, only Dee, Tahila and Derick  go head-to-head in a three-course baking challenge that will test not only their baking skills but their control over the elements.

The fires will send one contestant home and the remaining contestants will battle it out in The Taste Master’s two-part finale!

What kind of creations can we expect when we’re baking with flame and who will find the heat too hot to handle? Tune in on Friday 16 September at 7pm to find out! 

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