Tahila and Zake’s Hertzoggies, Lamingtons and Koeksisters

Recipe by: Tahila and Zakes

Tahila and Zake's Hertzoggies, Lamingtons and Koeksisters


Raspberry Plum Jam

1Tsp Vanilla Paste
300g Plum
250g Raspberries
200g Selato Castor Sugar

  1. Wash the fruit and dry, remove the pips from the plum and cut into quarters. Add the plums to a food processor with raspberries and blend till small chunks form. Pour into a pot and add sugar with vanilla paste simmer for 2 hours stirring occasionally till reduced shiny and thick.


6 Egg Whites
226g Castor Sugar
200ml Water
1 Tsp Creme Of Tatar
226g Butter
126g Coconut Desiccated

  1. In a saucepan add sugar and water to a boil and simmer till soft ball caramel stage (to test this take a small amount with a teaspoon and place into cold water the sugar should form a soft ball when touched with fingers.
  2. Whip egg whites with creme of tatar till medium stiff peaks form add the caramel to the egg mix while whipping slowly on medium speed till finished then whip on high speed till cool. Add the dessicated coconut and fold in the mixture and set aside.


126g Castor Sugar
226g Flour
126g Butter Unsalted
1Tsp Royal Baking Powder
1Tsp Salt
60ml Milk

  1. Combine all dry ingredients with butter and blend till combined add milk and blend again till a rough dough ball forms
  2. Roll out, cut out circles and place into baking cupcake tins blind bake for 10 mins fill with jam
  3. Pipe Meringue on top bake further for 10 mins
  4. Pop out on a baking tray to cool.
  5. Serve and enjoy


125g butter
200g Selati Castor Snow
2 eggs
180g flour
2tsp Royal Baking Powder
1/2 Cup milk
1tsp Vanilla Paste

  1. In a stand mixer, beat the butter and sugar together until fluffy. Make sure ALL your ingredients are at room temperature.
  2. Beat in the eggs one at a time until well combined.
  3. Add in half of your sifted flour and baking powder.
  4. Add in milk, mix until combined and then add in the other half of your dry ingredients.
  5. Bake in a square tin for 15-20 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean. Allow to cool completely before cutting


3 Cups Selati Icing Sugar
2tbsp Cocoa Powder
30g Butter
85g Water
50g Milk Chocolate
Desiccated Coconut

  1. Combine all of the above ingredients in a saucepan and heat until everything is well combined.
  2. While the syrup is warm, dip your Lamington Squares into the Syrup and then coat them in desiccated coconut.
  3. Decorate and serve.


500g Flour
2ml Salt
30ml Baking Powder
60g Butter
1 Egg
240ml Milk

  1. Sift together all the dry ingredients. Rub in the butter with your fingertips until it resembles bread crumbs.
  2. Make a well in the middle of your flour, add in the milk and egg. Use your fingers to gently combine the ingredients until it forms a dough
  3. Allow your dough to rest for 1hr, covered with a Tea Towel.
  4. Roll out your dough and cut into even rectangles, make three cuts in the middle to braid them.
  5. Fry the Koeksusters in medium hot oil until golden brown.
  6. Take the hot Koeksusters and place them into COLD syrup. Plate and serve


500g Sugar
250g Water
2 thumbs ginger
Pinch of cream of Tartar
1 lemon, juiced
5ml Cinnamon

  1. Place all of the above ingredients into a sauce pan and stir until the sugar is dissolved.
  2. Once sugar is dissolved, stop stirring and bring to a simmer. Once the syrup makes a thread between your fingers, the syrup is done.
  3. Place syrup into the fridge to cool before using.

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