Charné’s Opera Cake, Eclairs and Chocolate Cake Petit Fours

Recipe by: Charné Marais
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Charné's Opera Cake, Eclairs and Chocolate Cake Petit Fours

Opera Cake

Jaconde sponge (almond sponge)
175g eggs
75g sugar
Beat the eggs and sugar to ribbon stage
75g flour
275g almond flour
Sift the flour and almond flour
350g egg white
275g icing sugar
Whisk to medium peak

  1. Fold everything together and spread thinly in rectangular greased pans
  2. Bake at 180 for 15min

Coffee Syrup

200g sugar
200g water
10g coffee granules
Boil together

Coffee Buttercream

  1. Beat 250g butter for 10 min add 500g icing sugar and a bit of the coffee simple syrup


  1. Heat up 100g of cream and add 300g of chocolate


  1. The sponge then cover with the simple syrup, then the buttercream, then the sponge again then simple syrup then buttercream and then ganache and cut into pieces


250g water
125g butter
15g sugar
3 salt
175g flour
5 eggs

  1. Boil water, butter, sugar and salt, add the flour it, will form a dough in the pan, if it’s ready it will come away from the sides.
  2. Add the mix to the mixer with a paddle attachment and let it mix on slow speed, till its Luke warm and add the eggs.
  3. The mixture is ready when it’s shiny and not too liquid, pipe on a baking tray bake at 220°c for 20 minutes and reduce to 160°c for another 15 minutes
  4. Make the Chantilly cream by whisking together 200g cream, 50g icing sugar and 1/2 vanilla bean
  5. Fill the eclairs with the Chantilly and dip In white chocolate

Chocolate Cake

10 eggs
450g flour
50g cocoa
50g baking powder
315g oil
315g boiling water

  1. Beat the sugar and eggs
  2. Sift the flour, cocoa and baking powder
  3. Mix in the flour and oil till everything is smooth and add the boiling water
  4. Pour into a rectangular greased pan, bake at 180cm for 45min


  1. Beat 250g butter for 5 min, add 500g icing sugar add 30g sifted cocoa
  2. Once the cake has cooled down, cut out circles layer with buttercream and set in the fridge, then roll out the fondant and cover the cakes

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