Fritz’s Fig and Lavender fried Roosterkoek and Savoury Roosterkoek

Fig and Lavender Fried Roosterkoek and Savoury Roosterkoek

Recipe by: Fritz Schoon
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White Bread flour (Gideon Milling) 415 g
Water 20C 410 g
Fresh Yeast 1 g

Dissolve yeast in water and add the flour.
Mix until smooth consistency and leave to rest in covered container for 8 – 12 hours.

Final Dough:
White Bread Flour Gideon Milling) 415 g
Water 175 g
Fresh Yeast 10 g
Desert Salt (Oryx) 20 g

Dissolve yeast in 80% of the water.
(Optional: add teaspoon of honey)
Add flour, blend together with hands or with mixer on lowest speed.
Add water as needed.
Rest dough for 30 minutes and apply 1st fold.
Repeat this twice up to a third fold.
Final rest for 20 min then scale dough and shape into balls.
Place on a floured surface, dust with flour on top and cover with plastic.
Once the dough has rested well and indicated signs of healthy proving (almost doubling in size) then handle very gently and place on braai on medium to low heat for  +- 20min.
Turn regularly until dark brown outside. Knock the dough and if it sounds hollow it should be baked perfectly.
Let the roosterkoek cool down.
(I always bake an extra unit to serve as a tester)

Fig and Lavender Fried Roosterkoek

Fig Compote:

Dried Fig (the figary) 500 g
Castor sugar 100 g
Lemon peel 1 ea
Vanilla 1 pod
Verjuice 125 ml
Water 125 ml

Add all the ingredients into a fire safe pot or pan
Bring to boil then simmer for roughly 20 min until figs have softened
Add extra water if needed to prevent over jamming
Place in a piping bag

Cream cheese Ganache:

White choc 200 g
Cream Cheese 250 g
Cream 100 ml
Rose syrup (Optional) 2 ml

Plan pan on high heat with Cream and bring to boil
Add chocolate and whisk continuously until chocolate has melted completely
Remove from heat and add cream cheese and whisk/beat together until well combined and super smooth
Place in piping bag and leave to cool

Lavender dusting:

Castor Sugar 100 g
Icing sugar 100 g
Dried Lavender (Canette Vallei) 10 g

Blend dry ingredients together and place in a bowl


Fry Roosterkoek in oil
Remove and make a small incision in the middle of the roosterkoek
Pipe in the jam
Cover in Lavender dust
Pipe in the ganache until it presents itself and serve.

Savoury Roosterkoek

Prime Rib on the Bone (Usana) 1 kg

Braai prime rib using your method of choice

Confit onion:

Shallots 200 g
Spring onion 200 g
Leeks 200 g
Garlic 1 head
Olive oil 200 ml
Maldon salt to season
Butter 100 g
Thyme 10 sprigs

Place a large piece of tinfoil in a pan
Place the thyme at the bottom with the butter
Chop the rest of the ingredients in chunky manner and add to foil
Finally add the olive oil and salt and close the foil tightly into a parcel.
Place on medium heat for an hour


Flat leaf parsley 100 g
Red chilli 2 ea
Garlic 3 cloves
Olive oil 100 ml
Salt to season
Red wine vinegar 20 ml

Chop flatleaf parsley, garlic and chilli finely.
Add the oil and vinegar and mix together
Place in an airtight container


Slice the Roosterkoek in half
Add a generous layer of confit at the bottom
Slice the meat in strips, cover with salt and mix with chimichurri
Add a heap of meat on top of the confit and serve.