Moletwa’s Hyper Realistic Hot Dog

Hot Dog

RECIPE BY: Moletwa

Churro Fries

Pinch of Salt
250ml Water
80g Sugar
45g Clover Butter
150g flour
1 Egg
¼ tsp Royal Baking Powder
Acetate paper
Oil to fry

  1.  In a saucepan, combine salt, water, sugar and butter and bring to a boil
  2. Once the mixture boils, add in flour and royal baking powder and vigorously mix till a dough forms. Slow down the mixing and stir for 1 minute to get rid of excess moisture
  3.  Place dough in mixing bowl and allow to cool down
  4. Once dough is cooled, using a paddle attachment mix the dough and add the egg in. Mix till combined
  5. Place dough on a baking tray lined with acetate paper and spread dough out to 1cm thickness. Then place in freezer for 1 hour
  6.  Using a knife slice the churro mixture into fry shaped pieces and place in hot frying oil (180 °C)
  7. Fry till golden brown and set aside

“ Salt and pepper”sugar mix

1/2 cup Caster Sugar
Ground cardamom powder
Ground allspice

Place ingredients into a salt shaker and shake till combined. Then serve on the side with the churro fries


White Chocolate Mousse

500g Clover cream UHT
100g glucose
100g water
5 cardamom pods
2 saffron stems
3 tsp gelatine powder +  50g Cold water (to bloom in)
375g white couverture chocolate
Chocolate Brown Gel food colouring

  1. Hydrate the gelatine powder with the 50g of cold water and set aside
  2. Using a whisk attachment, whisk the clover UHT cream to soft to medium peaks (try keep the cream cold to avoid splitting)
  3.  In a saucepan, bring to the boil, the glucose, water, saffron and cardamom pods
  4. Once mix is boiling, remove from heat, and place bloomed gelatine to melt. Stir till all is dissolved. At this stage remove the saffron and cardamom
  5. Pour the hot mixture over the chocolate and vigorously mix to melt the chocolate
  6. Once the chocolate is melted, gently fold it into the cream in three parts, using a spatula.
  7. Fold in food colouring to reach desired colour
  8. Place mousse on a baking tray lined with plastic wrap. Then place in freezer to set
  9. Once mousse is set, place a piece of plastic wrap on the counter, scoop 3-4 heaped tablespoons of mousse on the plastic wrap. Roll up to be in a hot dog sausage shape. Repeat this process and then place sausage mousses in the freezer. Freeze till solid

Chocolate dip

100g white couverture chocolate
100g cocoa butter (finely chopped)
Brown/ beige oil based food colouring (colouring that matches the sausage colour)

Fondant and sausage like gel food colouring

  1. For the chocolate dip, melt the white couverture chocolate with the cocoa butter. Once melted mix till combined and add colouring until desired colour is achieved. Then cool the dip to about 30°C
  2. Using a skewer dip the sausage into the cooled chocolate dip, of which should immediately form a shell around the sphere.
  3.  If the mousse has not frozen, colour fondant to desired colour and then thinly roll out on a piece of cling wrap
  4. Place mousse sausage on fondant and roll up with cling wrap into sausage shape

Rose & Strawberry gel

290g Strawberry Puree
2-3 drops Rose flavouring
10g lemon juice
75g Sugar
5g Agar agar
Red gel food colouring

  1. Mix sugar + Agar Agar together and
set aside
  2. Heat lemon juice and strawberry purée in a saucepan
  3. add sugar + agar agar
  4. whisk till mix comes to a boil & remove once boiling
  5. Pour mix in a container and set in findge  to set
  6. Once mix has set, blend till smooth and add red gel colouring to achieve the colour of ketchup
  7. Place a small amount of gel in a piping bag and put the rest into a small ramekin

Brioche hotdog bun
3-4 tsp Ground Cardamom
500g Cake flour
1/8 tsp Royal Baking Powder
40g Sugar
10g Salt
12g Yeast
150g Eggs
180ml Clover milk
150g Clover Salted Butter (soft)

  1.  Place all dry ingredients, eggs and milk in mixing bowl with a dough hook
  2. Mix at slow to medium speed for 8-10mins
  3. Slowly add in the clover butter in small amounts until all is combined
  4. Cover Dough and let rise in a warm place until doubled in size
  5. Once dough has doubled in size, knock back the dough and scale out dough into 70g balls
  6. Shape balls into hot dog rolls and place on a greased baking tray
  7. Cover the tray and allow to rise until rolls are double in size
  8.  Egg wash the rolls with a pastry brush
  9. Place rolls in oven at 190°C for 12-18mins
  10. Once baked, allow to cool before cutting the middle of the rolls open

Pistachio cream
Pinch Salt
500ml Clover milk
100g Yolks ( approximately 7 egg yolks)
100g Sugar
3½ tbs cornstarch
20g Clover Butter
35g Pistachio Paste
2 drops Pistachio flavour

  1. In a saucepan heat milk
  2. While milk is heating, whisk together sugar, salt, cornstarch and yolks till pale
  3. Temper milk into the egg mixture and put it back into the saucepan and on the heat (low heat)
  4. Constantly stir to thicken and avoid lumps
  5. Once pastry cream has reached 85°C, mix in the pistachio paste and butter
  6. Place in a tray and cover with cling wrap, then leave to cool in fridge
  7. Once cooled, place the pistachio pastry cream in a piping bag and pipe into the sides of the brioche bun, as well as the inside
  8. Place the remaining pistachio pastry cream in a ramekin


  1.  Place the churros fries on a plate with the filled brioche bun
  2. Use powdered food colouring to make the mousse sausages look more realistic
  3. Place mousse sausage in the brioche bun
  4.  Use the strawberry and rose gel in a piping bag to pipe onto the ‘hot dog’
  5. Serve with fondant shaped micro herbs