Senzo and Pinkie’s Vanilla Cake

Recipe by: Senzo and Pinkie
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Vanilla Sponge

Cake Flower – 340g
Royal Baking Powder – 8g
Fine Salt – 2g
Eggs – 6
Canola Oil – 250ml
Water – 250ml
Castor Suger – 480g
Vanilla Extract – 200g


Butter – 500g
Icing Suger – 250ml


  1. Grease 8 line 2 (2cm) cake tins
  2. Sift the cake flour together in a bowl, add the Royal baking Powder and fine salt
  3. In the mixer, with a whisk attachment place the eggs, castor sugar and vanilla paste together, beat extremely light & fluffy
  4. Place the water and canola oil together, mix well together and thoroughly
  5. Add the dry ingredients at once and incorporate well

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