Lynn Hoyle’s buttercream, caramel and condense milk icing recipes

Lynn Hoyle's buttercream, caramel and condense milk icing recipes

Get Lynn from Cakes By Lynn‘s delicious icing recipes from her masterclass on The Taste Master SA 

Buttercream Icing

Buttercream for icing a cake
For the icing of a cake you require a thinner buttercream than for the flowers but the ratios for the recipe are the same.


  • For the flowers you don’t add cream
  • Use clear vanilla essence for the buttercream flowers so you can keep it as white as possible.

1:2 ratio salted butter to icing sugar, add a little vanilla and extra salt to cut through the sweetness.

For the icing to cover a cake, you add Clover cream one tablespoon at a time to thin the consistency out.
To a recipe of 750 g salted Clover butter
1500 g icing sugar I add 100 ml Clover fresh cream
But it will depend on on how you have used the ratio of 1:2
So for example
250 g salted Clover butter to
500 g icing sugar you would use much less Clover cream

Caramel filling

Place contents of can of Clover condense milk over a double boiler of simmering water. Cover with a lid and simmer for 1 1/2 to 2 hours till thicker and reached desired caramel colour.
Checking water level throughout and adding extra boiling water to the double boiler if needed.
Leave to cool, add little  cream till you have reached your desired  consistency and beat gently to incorporate.
Add a pinch of salt, mix in and use as delicious filling for cakes

Condense Milk Icing

Also known as Russian Buttercream
360 g Clover salted butter
385 g Clover condense milk
Pinch salt
2,5 ml vanilla essence

Butter to be cool room temperature
Place condense milk in fridge to cool overnight
Whip butter for 5 minutes using paddle attachment on high  to aerate and whiten
Change to whisk attachment and add condense milk in 3 batches scraping bowl down between each addition