Sorghum Financiers

Sorghum Financiers

RECIPE BY: Phumla Malevu

Sorghum financiers 

150g Almond Flour
436 Sugar
110g Cake Flour 
100g Sorghum Flour
44g Honey 
232g Brown Butter 
436g Egg whites 


  1. Combine all Flours together.
  2. Brown your Butter until golden brown. Once the butter is brown add the honey and let butter cool down 
  3. Whisk egg white Medium stiff peak 
  4. Add the cool brown butter to the flour, Sugar mix . 
  5. Fold your Egg white Slowly to they won’t deflate 
  6. Once everything is mixed together, transfer the batter in a baking pan 
  7. Bake at 180 for 45 mins 

Imifino Mousse 

400g Mascarpone 
400g Clover fresh Cream 16g Gelatines 
150g Sugar 
1/2 Vanilla pod 


  1. Whip 300g of cream until soft peak add mascarpone continue to whip into well combine
  2. Put the 100g cream in a pot with gelatine , Sugar and Vanilla and boil to dissolve the two ingredients
  3. Blanc the imifino and chop it finely
  4. Add the boiled cooled ingredients to the mascarpone and cream and fold together
  5. Add the imifino to the mix
  6. Transfer this mix to a any container and keep in the fridge for 24hrs 

Rossel Gelly Sheet 

20g Rossel flowers 
300ml Water 
5g Agar 


  1. Boil the Rossel and Water , reduce until you have 100g 
  2.  Blend the 100g reduced with agar , boil and Set in a flat baking sheet and cool 

Pop sorghum honeycomb 

300g Sorgum
400ml oil 
200g castor Sugar
75g bicarbonate of soda
40g Honey 


  1. Heat up oil , once heated pop the sorghum until the look like tiny popcorn 
  2. Heat up the honey and Castor sugar until the granular so have dissolved 
  3. Once the sugar is turning golden brown add the bicarbonate of soda whisk until a caramel brown colour, transfer in to a baking sheet add the poped sorghum on while the honey is still hot.