Top 12 Season 4

Meet the 12 bakers competing for the title of The Taste Master SA 2023!

Watch them #BakeMoreMemories onTuesdays at 7pm on SABC2 starting on 13 June 2023!

Anie Nkontso 

AGE: 23
LOCATION: King William’s Town, Eastern Cape 

I’m a pastry fanatic, I love exploring, creating new bread and cake recipes. My love for baking stems from my mother who used to allow me to bake biscuits and scones with her in her kitchen on weekends from a very young age. I’m currently working as a Chef and bake pastry products and birthday cakes as my side hustle. I’ve been making money out of baking for 3 years now and I’m loving it! I have dreams and hopes of owning my own bakery and a cute Coffee Shop pretty soon all in God’s perfect timing. 

Bongani Matomela 

AGE: 32
LOCATION: Gqeberha/ Port Elizabeth 

Being raised by the warm hands of my late grandmother set off the love I have for baking. Seeing her mix all these ingredients in a bowl and something delicious came out, as a kid I believed it to be magic and my grandmother was the magician. 

She passed down the knowledge she had to me, no cooking books just love and MAGIC. I have now grown to believe our creations as bakers, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem, have an impact. If it can put a smile on someone’s face, be the sweetness needed for a celebration, I’ll know that I’m half the magician my grandmother was. 

Chantelle Slabbert 

AGE: 32
LOCATION: Cape Town 

I love “weird and wonderful” combinations. I’ve travelled to over 30 countries and have tried some amazing flavours. A long long time ago I hosted a travel a cooking show in China. 

I’m a confident cook, but I want to improve my baking skills. I look forward to participating in The Taste Master SA to learn and share ideas with my fellow contestants and the judges. 

Damien Stemmet 

AGE: 28
LOCATION: Cape Town 

Baking activated my love for food. Growing up my grandmother and aunt would always be baking around me and at the time I was set on being a Doctor. At 8/9 years old, the smells, method and techniques of baking really intrigued me and I set out to find out as much as I could about food. As life went on, I became known for being a foodie. 

I love a challenge, things that push me out my comfort zones, coming up with new things on the spot. 

Glenda Ramathavha 

AGE: 39
LOCATION: Thohoyandou, Limpopo
PROFESSION: Finance Manager

I believe I have what It takes to go far in the competition. I teach unemployed women in my community how to bake to give them the skills they need to earn their own living. We bake to inspire. We bake to empower. 

Kefiloe Mokotedi 

AGE: 37
LOCATION: Johannesburg 
PROFESSION: Cake artist

In 2021 I lost my mom and her passing hit harder than I thought it would… The loss affected me to a point where I even felt like giving up on baking. The past two years I have been trying my best to get back on my feet and I believe being part of The Taste Master SA competition will help me bring back my baking mojo and encourage me to push harder and reach for greater heights. 

Lesego Matuludi 

AGE: 25
LOCATION: Boksburg 
PROFESSION: Home baker, Freelance creative writer 

I was on the fence about entering if I’m being completely honest, then one day my nephew randomly asked, “when is Taste Master coming back?” And I told him that I saw entries were open on Instagram… he said I have to enter because his teacher loved the cupcakes I made for the class on his birthday. I’m entering because there’s so many people that believe in me for me not to enter. In the past I think I entered for fun and to try my luck, but this time is the first time I’m entering with motivation and confidence like never before. I’m entering for my late brother and my sweet nephew, most importantly I’m entering to prove to myself that I do have what it takes when it come to this baking thing. 

Lizelle Solomon 

AGE: 53
LOCATION: Johannesburg
PROFESSION: Hustler of note 

My journey with baking started around 2015 when I was fed-up with not being able to get delicious baked goods in the area I live. I baked macarons for the first time… and I got it right. I turned this into a business that evolved into a small studio where I teach. I have always had a great touch with creating dishes, cakes etc that is out of the box. 

I love a challenge and working under stress. I think I can take the trophy home! 

Maxine Schuiling 

AGE: 27
LOCATION: Cape Town 
PROFESSION: Entrepreneur 

My name is Max, and I’ve been baking since I was a little girl! It ended up transforming into what I did for a career – I turned my love of baking into recipe creation for brands and then also to make “macro friendly” healthy versions of everyone’s favourite bakes. People loved it so much I ended up developing healthy premixes, and long story short founded a company based on baking premixes – Macro Mixes. I just sold it last month, so I am excited to get back into traditional baking again. I love baking because it’s both creative and technical. And so, rewarding when you smash it! And the best past is you can share it with people afterwards.

Molly Read 

AGE: 18
LOCATION: Johannesburg 
PROFESSION: Matric Student 

Baking is my love language. I bake at any chance I get, always trying new things. I decided my future was in the kitchen at a young age and have been working towards improving my skills ever since. I have worked in professional kitchens and will be attending culinary school next year. Baking has meant more to me than any other social or academic event and I can only see my passion growing stronger. 

I want to learn from more experienced bakers, make friends, be creative and get my name out there. 

Nolan Yulen Adimulam 

AGE: 22
LOCATION: Pietermaritzburg 

I want to prove to myself and to the rest of South Africa that you can learn something from every experience and everyone around you. We all should learn something new everyday until we take our last breath. I want to prove to the youth that age doesn’t quantify experience. My parents, brother and partner are my pillars of strength and I want to make them proud. But most importantly it’s about the memories, friendships and fun times of being on the show, learning from each other and the judges; making me a better chef and a better South African. 

Palesa Modipa 

AGE: 32
LOCATION: Roodepoort 
PROFESSION: Self-employed 

I wanted to enter because I have a very strong passion for baking. I would also like to learn more in the process and she my knowledge with others.  I am a self taught baker and cake decorator and enjoy making custom cakes.  I love recreating everyday items through cake and character bakes. 

I fell in love with baking from a very young age.  I find baking therapeutic and it helps me share and express my creativity. I would like to share my talent and creations with the world.