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Season 4: The Baking Edition

Episode 1: The Key Ingredient Challenge

The Taste Master SA is back and this year it’s all about baking excellence. Season 4 of the 13-part competition reality show, sees 12 of South Africa’s top culinary talents take on a series of baking challenges in the The Taste Master Kitchen.

Their goal is to impress the judges, celebrity chef Zola Nene and master bread baker, Fritz Schoon, along with special weekly guest chefs and celebrities. Only one can bake their way to the top and claim the Taste Master title.

In the Season 4 premiere of The Taste Master SA. 12 top baking talents from across South Africa enter the Taste Master kitchen for the first time. After receiving a special gift that will aid them throughout the competition, it’s straight into the first challenge, but their gift is not the only surprise waiting for them.

Watch The Taste Master SA Tuesdays at 7PM on SABC2 with repeats on Wednesdays at 1PM and Saturdays at 2PM. 

Episode 2: The Pudding & Parmalat Custard Challenge

It’s the first elimination challenge in the competition and with two contestants heading home, the stakes are high.

After a difficult first challenge, championing two hero ingredients and being paired up Anie & Lizelle, Maxine & Chantelle as well as Glenda & Damien all head to an elimination challenge. Lesego and Kefiloe, Molly and Bongani and Nolan and Palesa came out tops and move straight to the next challenge. 

For the elimination challenge the contestants are given the task of reinventing a pudding and Parmalat custard experience. The contestants must not only impress the judges, Fritz and Zola, but also this week’s special guest, Chef Anna Stofberg from Droom Restaurant.

Who will be going home and who will be safe? Watch #TheTasteMasterSA Tuesdays at 7pm on SABC2 with repeats on Wednesdays at 1pm and Saturdays at 2pm. 

Episode 3: The International Flavours Challenge

This week on The Taste Master SA, it’s time for another team challenge as our taste buds are taken on culinary journey around the world. 

After receiving a personal masterclass from Zola Nene, contestants must work in pairs to create a bake that brings the flavours of two random countries together. 

There’s a lot to bake for with a Royal Baking Powder pin up for grabs and immunity from the next elimination challenge.

Joining Zola and Fritz as a guest judge is the gorgeous Dr Tamaryn Green Nxumalo. 

Watch all the action on Tuesday at 7PM on SABC2 with repeats Wednesday at 1PM and Saturday at 2PM. 

Episode 4: The Newstalgia Challenge

This week on The Taste Master SA, it’s elimination week and the bottom 6 must bake for their spot in the competition. 

For this week’s challenge they must dig deep into their childhood bring it to the present in the hope of impressing judges Zola and Fritz and guest judge for this week, chef Tjaart Walraven. 

After being assigned a random nostalgic ingredient, contestants create a new and creative bake that breathes new life into the classic product.

Who will be going home and who will be safe to bake another day? Tune in on Tuesday at 7pm on SABC2 to find out! 

Episode 5: The Cookie House Challenge

This week on The Taste Master SA our contestants take on their biggest challenge yet! Not only will they need teamwork but they will also need to make sure their creations are structurally sound!

Joining the judging panel of Zola and Fritz is artist, painter, and passionate baker, Alice Toich.

Contestants must work in teams of three to create a unique three dimensional cookie structure inspired by South Africa.

Whose cookie will crumble and send them to the elimination challenge? Tune in on Tuesday at 7pm on SABC 2 to find out! 

Episode 6: The Cookies and Milk Challenge

This week on The Taste Master SA the bottom 6 face off in the elimination challenge!

This week’s focus is on one of the most classic combos out there, cookies and milk. After receiving a masterclass by this week’s guest judge, Zanele van Zyl, contestants must invent their own creative cookie and milk drink pairing.

Which bakers are safe and which baker will be going home? Tune in on Tuesday at 7pm on SABC 2 to find out! 

Episode 7: The Kid's Party Challenge

This week on the The Taste Master SA t’s the final team challenge of the competition!

Contestants must work in groups of 4 to create the ultimate kid’s party spread, and to make things even more difficult, they’re being judged by the birthday boys and their best friends.

Joining the judging panel of Zola and Fritz is recipe developer, content creator and mom, Keshree Chundriah.

Which team will come out on top? Tune in on Tuesday at 7pm on SABC 2 to find out! 

Season 2: The Baking Edition

Episode 1: The Fruit Master Challenge

It’s time to bake more memories with The Taste Master SA! Join us as we meet the first six of our Top 12 passionate bakers who’ve been selected to show off their skills in the ultimate culinary test.

Their first challenge is to bake a cake celebrating fruit to impress the judges – celebrity chef Zola Nene and artisanal baking extraordinaire Fritz Schoon. The contestants will be working in the new Taste Master SA kitchen, which has been kitted out with premier cooking items by Samsung, Thermomix and Le Creuset.

Throughout the series, the contestants will have the opportunity to earn pins rewarded by Royal Baking Powder. Each is a symbol of the challenge they mastered. Owning the pin will give them a very important advantage in an upcoming episode.

Who will bake their way to the top and who will be up for elimination?

Episode 2: The Spice Challenge

It’s time to bake more memories with The Taste Master SA!

Episode 1 saw the first six of our Top 12 passionate bakers, Kyle Haytread, Lwazi Sizwe Dlalisa Sohail Seegoobin, Samantha Liang, Thando Manyoni and Shaazia Soomar battle it out in the kitchen with the aim of perfecting the ultimate cake celebrating fruit.

Samantha impressed the judges with a spectacular two layered lemon and blueberry cake with cream cheese icing and was presented with the Fruit Master Pin rewarded by Royal Baking Powder.

In Episode 2 our final group of six made up of Duke Mbokazi, Jason Miller, Jason Tomlinson, Khensani Peters, Meghan Mavrodaris and Nqobile Ngcobo will go head to head in a challenge to test their skills and creativity.

They will be tasked with baking a cake celebrating spices and will need to impress our judges, Zola Nene and Fritz Schoon as well as our guest judge, celebrity baker and author, Faaiza Omar.

Who will be able to handle the heat and impress the judges to win the Spice Master Pin and who will be headed to elimination? 

Episode 3: The Instagram Challenge

This week on The Taste Master SA the pressure is on as the bottom performing contestants from The Fruit Cake Challenge and The Spice Cake Challenge need to prove to the judges that they have what it takes to stay in the competition! With only four spots available in the Top 10 and six contestants competing for them, there is no room for error!

Judges Zola and Fritz are joined by guest judge, Nikki Symons, from Sweet LionHeart online bakery, for a Masterclass in creating an instagram-worthy bake that not only delivers on looks but tastes fantastic too. 

Which two contestants will miss the mark and be sent home? Tune in on Friday at 7PM on SABC2 to see emotions run high and drama unfold in The Taste Master SA kitchen!

Episode 4: The Chocolate Challenge

It’s time to bake more memories with The Taste Master SA! The Top 10 have been chosen and are ready for their next challenge, however there’s a twist… contestants have to pair up and work in teams!  Each team must bake the ultimate chocolate creation after a masterclass from guest judge Jackie Cameron. The winning team earns the Royal Baking Powder Chocolate Mastery pin, and the bottom three teams head into next week’s elimination challenge.

Who will pull together, work as a team and survive the tied destinies chocolate challenge and who will flop under the pressure? Tune in on Friday at 7PM on SABC2 to get a dose of drama and a serving of inspiration!

Episode 5: The Fire Challenge

The pressure is on in the second elimination round as last week’s bottom 6 contestants head outdoors where they will bake for their lives in the beautiful Stellenbosch Winelands.  For this challenge, judge Fritz leads the way with a masterclass on roosterkoek and bread! Contestants are challenged to create the perfect roosterkoek with accompaniments, cooking everything on the open fire.

Who will go home and who will walk away with a brand new Heston Blumnethal Everdure Portable braai and the Royal Baking Powder Bread Mastery pin? Tune in on Friday at 7PM on SABC2 to find out!

Episode 6: The Patisserie Challenge

It’s time to bake more memories with The Taste Master SA! The heat gets turned up in the kitchen as the Top 9 contestants are blindsided by a surprise pastry quiz. The first three contestants who get a question wrong will be forced to sit out the baking challenge and are automatically sent into the next elimination round. The top 6 quiz contestants have 3 hours to bake their most creative pastry to wow Fritz and Zola, along with special guest judge, Chanelle Schoon. The winning contestant walks away with a beautiful stove top Le Creuset Zen kettle as well as the Royal Baking Powder Pastry Mastery Pin.

Tune in on Friday at 7PM on SABC2 to see who will rise to the occasion and who will be heading to elimination!