Imtiyaaz & Alex’s Personalities on a Plate


Flat Start

A dish that showcases both our personalities on 1 plate.
Alex- A more Italian version, plain and simple flavours that work.
Imtiyaaz- A combination of different elements that work surprisingly well together.


Seafood Paella

Alex on a plate.
Selection of Seafood cooked in a non-traditional Valencia’s way. Perfect for a Hot summers day!


A play on Colada

Imtiyaaz on a plate.
Poached pineapple & coconut 3 ways

Starter : Flat Start

Starter, flat bread. 1:

Turmeric Wraps
Peaches (sliced, fresh)
Edible flowers
Avocado Hummus
Balsamic Glaze
Olive oil
Garlic Minced

Method :

Set up Webber to high eat. Mix Oregano with olive oil and garlic and brush on both sides of the wraps. Place in hot Webber 30sec each side.
Add Avocado hummus to flat bread. Place sliced peaches. Add balsamic glaze, pomegranate, rocket, lime zest & edible flowers. Serve

Flat bread. 2 :

Ingredients :
Flour wraps
Cherry tomatoes
Truffle oil
Olive oil
Garlic minced

Method :

Set up Webber to high eat. Mix Oregano with olive oil and garlic and brush on both sides of the wraps. Place in hot Webber 30sec each side.
Roast cherry tomatoes and place on flat bread once grilled. Add olive, feta & basil as well as a basil oil. Serve

Main : Seafood Paella

Paella Recipe:
Serves 4 

Ingredients :

Fish cubed ( no skin, no bones)
Prawn Meat x 10
Calamari tubes x4
King Prawns x4 ( deveined and deshelled)
Crab pincers x4
Scallops x4
Mussels x4
Mozambique Clams x 16

Dry goods
Long grain rice x 1 cup
Saffron x 3 stems
Turmeric x 3 table spoons
Smoked paprika x 3table spoons
Crushed garlic
Black Olives x8
Tomato passata 1 cup
Wild rocket
White onion
Green/ red / yellow capsicums
Chouriço or Painho


Step 1

Rice –Add 1 cup of rice to saucer , make sure to rinse the rice twice, cook rice to 70% and then rice with cold water . Let rice sit , then add turmeric to the rice and make sure that all the rice is coated with the yellow powder .

Step 2

On. Non-stick pan,  heat up some olive oil and sear the fish cubs . 30 seconds per side is enough . Set aside and let us rest .

Step 3

Sear king prawns and scallop and set aside , cook prawn to only 80%.

Step 4

In the same pan, add onion and chorizo and diced capsicum mix and sweat them all together . You will notice the beautiful fragrance of the chorizo coming thru.

Step 5

Add calamari ( cut in 3 pieces ) and tomato passata . At this stage you can also all paprika and remember to season with salt and pepper as you progress they every stage . Top up with. A dash dry white wine.


Add rice to the beautiful fragrant base , and stir it thru. Add 1 cup of water , allow to simmer for a few minutes , stir occasionally.  Add clams, mussels, to the pan and allow to simmer for just a few minutes , add peas to the mixture allow to cook for a few minutes.

Step 7

Reduce heat to minimum, add chopped coriander , season to taste with salt and pepper and sprinkle with some saffron stems .

Step 8

Top up with king prawn and crab pincers , scallops and allow to steam for and minute or two.

Step 9

Plate using a deep dish, scoops the rice and plate it on the bottom, take the fish the seafood and add events to the top of your rice and Finnish it off with some fresh coriander and wild rocket

Dessert : Play on a Colada

Ingredients :
Maple Syrup – 1/2 bottle
Honey – 1/4 bottle
1l water
3x pints (330ml) beers
5x Star Anise
5x cloves
2x cinnamon sticks
2x containers of coconut sugar
5x Queen Pineapples
3x coconut yoghurt
2x Pistachios (shelled)
3x mascarpone
3x coconut cream
Desiccated coconuts
2x packs Ginger biscuits

Method :

Mix the star anise, cloves & cinnamon with the water on high heat until it bubbles. Once it bubbles add the beer.
Mix and turn to medium to high and add honey and maple.

Let that reduce on medium high for 30min then add the pineapple slices. (cut the pineapple slices beforehand in circle shapes)

Poach the pineapples for 40min

Once poached, remove and put in container, once it reaches room temperature, transfer to fridge.

Mix the Mascarpone, coconut cream and
Coconut sugar on medium heat and reduce. About 8xTBSN coconut sugar to the 3x creams.

Once it’s reduced, remove from heat, cool and place in fridge.

Toast the desiccated coconut in a pan until toasted. Crumb the ginger biscuits and add to the pistachios. Zest the lime.

Grill the pineapples just before service and plate.

Plate the reduces coconut cream & mascarpone 1st, place the pineapple on top. Put a dollop of coconut yoghurt on one side. Throw the crumb over the pineapple, little zest… Toasted Coco and on the yoghurt & voil