Charmaine Ramalope-Makhubela

Age: 35

Charmaine is a jack of all trades. Besides being the founder of Glam Foodie, a social media community centred around a common love for food, she is also a recipe developer, a digital content creator and an event architect. 

Like many of her fellow contestants, Charmiane fell in love with food at an early age and is looking forward to showcasing her skills on the debut season of The Taste Master

Charmaine is excited to bring her glam style into The Taste Master kitchen.

“I’m looking forward to sharing my passion for food and cooking on such a big platform. I’m excited about meeting new people who have a common love for food and I look forward to sharing what promises to be an amazing experience with fellow foodies and chefs. I love being able to take an old recipe and interpret it as my own and I can’t wait to show off what I got on the show.”

Charmaine Ramalope-Makhubela


Charmaine Ramalope