Boitumelo ‘ChewMe’ Mogoai

Boitumelo Mogoai is the director and executive chef of ChewMe Food. 

Boitumelo fell in love with food when she was just 11 years old and started experimenting in the kitchen, not long after that. The first dish she ever tried to make was ox liver and recalls getting it completely wrong after deciding to boil instead of grill the liver. 

Boitumelo hopes to impress the judges with her ability to take simple ingredients and make them ‘pop’. 

"I'm excited to see what challenges lie ahead on The Taste Master and find out how we will be tested. I know the end goal is to eventually become the resident chef on Afternoon Express, but I’m also looking forward to the actual journey – and hopefully making some new friends along the way."

Boitumelo Mogoai

Tumi Mogoai